Photographer. Writer. Artist. Athlete. Storyteller.

My compositions capture movement and tell stories, and I aim to tell stories that make an impact. 


In 2014 I started my first unpaid gig photographing downhill long-boarders at races and on tour. I was drawn in by the lifestyle, the community and the adrenaline. I was hooked, and from there I would go on to pursue sports like rock climbing, surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking.

In school I studied communications, and for three years I gained valuable experience on a corporate communications team where I honed my professional skills. After graduating, I took time off to van-life around New Zealand before landing in Seattle. 

Now, I spend my days doing digital design, writing, and taking freelance photography projects for organizations like Earth Day Northwest 2020 - a campaign dedicated to sustainability and social equity. 

When I'm not behind the computer screen, you can probably find me in the mountains - camera always in hand. 


My Commitment 

First and foremost, my commitment is to this planet and the inhabitants we share it with. Today, it's more critical than ever that we are cautious of our footprint and the example we set for others. 

As a photographer of the outdoor spaces I love,

I'm making a public commitment to:

  • Follow Leave No Trace principles

  • Educate myself about the environment and communities I shoot in

  • Respect and honor Indigenous land to the best of my knowledge and ability

  • Choose the most sustainable form of travel whenever possible

  • Exercise discretion with photos and locations that I share on social media