Project Overview

Earth Day Northwest 2020 was a two-year campaign that was fiscally sponsored by Forterra (a Seattle based land conservancy). The goal of the campaign was to bring together community and corporate leaders in the Puget Sound area and challenge them to take on Earth Day projects in their organizations. Our "Leadership Group' consisted of over 60 leaders, including CEOs of Alaska Airlines, Boeing, and REI.

I was hired as an all-around communications associate. I assisted in all aspects of campaign planning including the following:

  • Creation of the overall Earth Day brand (messaging, web design, graphic design)
  • Writing copy for donor and Leadership Group communications

  • Messaging for website, social media and public facing communications 

  • Event planning (most notably the first ever Sustainable Aviation Fuels Conference)

I left the organization in July 2019 but have continued doing freelance work for the campaign ever since. 

*Please note: While I did design the original Earth Day website, some of the changes you see reflected on the current site are not my work. Please refer to the screenshots on my Design page for a better reflection of the site when it was first launched. 

Writing Samples

I wrote the following blog posts to drive engagement among members of our Leadership Group members, encourage others to join  and to speak to the mission of the campaign. 

When Sparking an Environmental Movement, Timing is Everything 

Former Senator and Governor, Dan Evans

On Changing the Conversation

Lylianna Allala

From my Perspective

Ed Thomas


Aside from the Earth Day Northwest 2020 logo, which had already been selected before I was hired, I created the brand look and feel for the campaign. I worked on the website, social media assets, marketing email campaigns, signage and engagement packets that we sent out to our partners. 

You can view samples of all these and more on my Design page.